About Baber Memorial A.M.E. Church

About Us

We are about Jesus. About Christ. Yes we talk about it but we also "be 'bout it". No, we don't have it all yet; not yet perfect but being perfected. Stumblers but also "get-back-up-againers". So as you explore our church through our website, subjects like the seven-dimension Vision God has given, the Church outside the walls, the church inside the walls, the rebirth of our church building, the community work, the study tools, Matthew 25 ministries, the boards we serve, training we do, the calendar we keep, the prosperity we believe every believer is obligated to achieve, it all boils to down to three words:

Believe Love Work

Believe that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God and that He is our Lord, our boss. It is the activating act and gift of faith the engrafts to, makes us a part of the body of Jesus who is our head. As our Head, our Boss we do what the Boss says do and the Boss said love. Therefore Love.

Love Because Jesus, our Boss, said everything in scripture, every true prophecy, every Spirit led sermon hang upon on this one multifaceted, multidimensional, multilayered thing, Love. Love God first with everything you have then love yourself so you can love your neighbor. Loving is not just feeling but doing, we must do love as well as be love. Doing is another way to say work it.

Work because we must be about our Lord's business, we must be Christ in the world by doing Christ in the world. Every day we must choose Christ. Every day we must show forth the glory of God.

These three things are so fundemental they are a part of every ministry, every view of the world, everything we do and are as Christians.

Please be patient as we build the other pages so you can explore the links that present our history, our AME connection, our leadership, our pastor and first lady in this about section. But if you really want to know what we are about, know these three:

  • We believe
  • We love
  • We work

God bless you.
Baber Memorial A.M.E. Church